Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for a Milkstars shirt?

Our fabric is easy to care for. Because our shirts are not simply fashionable, but functional as well, it is important to take care of your garment so it can maintain its vivid color and shape.

The two things you want to avoid with this fabric are shrinkage and wrinkling. To that end, we recommend hand washing your Milkstars shirt in COLD water, reshaping the garment when it’s wet, and laying it flat to dry. Doing so will ensure your shirt looks and feels its best time and time again.

We do however realize that if you are wearing one of our shirts, you are very likely spending a majority of your time caring for a baby and may not have the luxury of paying lots of attention to your laundry.

In that case, we recommend machine washing on gentle cycle in COLD water and drip drying on a rack.

If you don’t use cold water, your shirt could shrink a little the first time you wash it. We have actually cut our shirts a little big to account for this. If you throw your shirt in the dryer, it has a tendency to wrinkle (and it could shrink depending on the heat level of your dryer). We recommend not putting your Milkstars shirt in the dryer. To get rid of wrinkles, steam your shirt, do not iron.

If you’re able to, you may also dry clean your Milkstars shirt to keep it looking and feeling good.

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