About Our Shirts

We spent months interviewing nursing mothers about what they wanted in a nursing shirt and tested a number of fabrics and fits to get it just right. The result is a super soft top with a remarkably stylish fit. Many women have told us they want to wear our shirts even when they aren’t nursing!

That’s because our shirts don’t look like nursing shirts. Wearing a Milkstars top means you can look and feel like your old stylish self again even while breastfeeding your baby at home or on the go.

Take a look at how our shirts work:

How Our Shirts Work

Milkstars - How our shirts work - step one

Step One

When you’re wearing a Milkstars top, no one needs to know you are breastfeeding. You’re not limited to awkward clothing or tops that only come in one style or one color. You can nurse your baby and look great all at the same time.

Milkstars - How our shirts work - step two

Step Two

When you’re ready to nurse your baby, simply lift up the top layer of your shirt to reveal a hidden inner panel with cutouts on the left and right side of your chest. Pull one of the cutouts over your breast to access your nursing bra and begin nursing as usual. While you’re feeding your baby, your entire back and stomach are covered. You can even use the top layer of the shirt to cover your baby’s head. Once you’re finished, simply drop the top layer down and once again you look like you’re wearing a regular fashionable tee.

Here are some more views of the hidden inner panels featured in all Milkstars shirts:

  • The Julian - Black

    click photo to enlarge

  • The Julian - Pink Soda

    click photo to enlarge

  • The Rachel - Great-With-Denim Blue

    click photo to enlarge

We should also mention that some mothers have told us they enjoy that most of our styles allow them to nurse their babies in a sling or baby carrier. If it’s comfortable for you, you can do this too by accessing the hidden inner nursing panel from the top of the shirt; simply pull through the two layers at the neckline to reach your nursing bra*. We think pulling our tops up from the bottom (as outlined in “Step Two”) helps to preserve the life of our shirts but of course you’re free to make them work however you’d like!

*Note this additional type of access is impossible with the Joan style.